Week 20 – Venturing Off To The Wilderness…

Wow, what a powerful movie Finding Joe was, I rented it (for 3 day online), but do to my work schedule and a crazy weekend, I didn’t fully finish it got about halfway through it.  Some “relatable” to me as a whole.  The part that really sticks in my head is about running towards the Wilderness (from the known in our world to the Unknown).  Finding your bliss, going “against” the grain, while in the movie as they state others are questioning us as to why we want to back (into) the wilderness, and challenging us (imploring us) to just stay where it’s nice, known and comfortable.

Venturing out, pressing past my fears, moving forward to be “the me” I was created to be, not the “we” a lot of others are living and being because of their brainwashed short-sightedness by society’s dictates.  Finding My Holy Grail, my inner self and with it “A Whole New Me, That I was Meant to BE!”.

Peace Be This Journey for all my fellowship MKE Classmates!



Week 17HJ -Backwards Spiral…

This week has been a very backwards week for me. I was downsizing all week getting ready for this move, just moved yesterday. Don’t have internet access yet, had to post in Alliances and Week 10 for PIF link, WordPress Blog link for this post, and had to do email search for survey for this past week. I just need to answer Mark’s webinar question and email him back. Glad this week is over with. So glad to be out of a “very toxic” and emotional stressful and unrestfull roommate situation. I’m at peace in my new household. Thank God!~

Week 17: Gaining Traction


Wow!  I feeling I am starting to “regain traction” in the course this week.  I have been home recovering from my hernia surgery, and I have had more time to devote to the homework’s, and meditations.  I am also working through declutting my room, and getting ready to move out next Saturday of where I am renting due to relational difficulties with a roommate.

I have been keeping up with the flashing, semi-good on Og: 1 – 2 times a day, my Blue Print Builder and My Revised DMP, which I excited resubmitted, and await my Guide’s comments on this by this Saturday.  Just seeing “cement break off” the old man, and learning, learning, and reseeing “a new me!”.

I am enjoying my 2 Master Mind Alliances: Louise and Vira, and things have been going good with them.  I enjoy the comradely, and the mutual encouragement and accountability in discussing what we accomplished today in our lives in conjunction with the course and homework, and our DMP and POA’s.  I had a wonderful Tribe call with my guide this past Thursday: Rick and no one else showed up on the call, and it was “an open Q&A session for on catch up on some of these exercises (and their explanations of how to do them) 1 or 2 dating back to several weeks ago in the course.

I know I can “hear the echo” of the class of ‘2016 – ‘2017 words they told Mark to speak forward to us: “be harder on them about the cards, and doing the exercises”.  I see what I have “missed” by not keeping up with them.  But Mark is always one to encourage us “if we haven’t been giving it your all up to now, then “Start Giving Your All Now”…So I continue to “press into” those words of Mark as I play catch-up and try my best to: Give It My All, and Continue To Regain My (Consistently) Traction In The Course & My Life!



Master Key Experience Week 14

Wonderful blog Kimberly, just reblogging it for others to be blessed by it.

HIS Life in me

Thought is the only Reality.

silhouette-2208079__480.pngIsaiah 37:31b (CLV)
….the remnant finds root downward, and yields fruit upward,

I am finding that the Law of Duel Thought and the Law of Growth; comes into Huge, play here; in week 14.
The Law of Thought says that we can not think about 2 things at the same time.
I have found that by replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones…..thereby giving NO ATTENTION to the negative.. Only the positive thoughts will manifest and grow. Jesus, the Master Teacher said, “Resist not evil”~meaning turn from it and think about something else.

The Law of Growth, tells us ~ whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

Haanel shares with us….that thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore endowed with creative power. This does not mean that some thought is creative, but that all thought is creative. This same principle can…

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Week 11 – Greatness

I loved the way Heather just recapped Week 11 on Greatness, and the keys to achieving it in our lives!

Heather's Blog

Getting back to the Webinar after the break was a welcome relief. I enjoy them as they are so enlightening – this week in particular. Mark and Davene talked about how everything we have been doing to date i.e. reading 3 times a day, the exercises, the tools is exactly what the Blueprint Builder tells us we should be doing. They have broken down the process so that we are able to achieve – brilliant!!!

I continue to strive to be the observer but am struggling with not offering my opinion. I am also working through not speaking deprecatingly of myself. My husband kindly tells me when I am doing so, which is both helpful and difficult to hear.

Persistence and character is the key to achieving your definite purpose. Self-confidence alone does not guarantee success, it is the combination of these along with keeping your promises, which keeps you…

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Week 15: Tow Rope Mode…

Tow Rope

Wow, finally done with my hernia surgery, very grateful for this paid down time from my temporary insanity getting me nowhere banquet serving work, and on account of my undiscipline in time management, and personal reluctant to take 1 day a week dedicated to job hunting (which keep my temporary banquet serving work circuit going: round and round: year after crazy year).  I believe God has opened this multi-week period for me (of downtime thanks to my brother’s generosity and my diligence to save some of my earnings prior to this operation).  I will have 3 – 6 weeks or more to job hunt with this downtime and catch-up with the Master Keys program.  I feel I am riding a “tow-rope” like a water skier behind the boat (behind in the course) when I should be “upfront” riding in the boat with the rest of our ‘2017 Class Members.

I am looking forward to hunkering down, and just relistened to the Week 15 broadcast again, got distracted when listening live on Saturday, but had a great relisten session, got the “full comphrensive dose” of the teaching this time.  Definitively as my virtue areas: are time management, self-discipline, taking initiative, and learning adult responsibility decision making skills/choices amongst the others.  I see a lot of naiveness, moreso probably I attribute to my victim mentality as being raised a mama’s boy, but a great mother who spoiled me rotten, and a dad (good dad) who never pushed and mature with chores and other adult responsibilities growing up to build a adult responsible reasoning and proactive decision making process to life.  So 33 years after graduating college, I am running in the same career circle (temporary work), but retooling during this down time for a permanent administrative assistant career job opportunity, and a another (more roommate community orientated) “harmonious” living situation (at the end of my stay at my current rental room here at the end of January), lastly looking to secure the help through my church members to help me move (only have limited funds and not really to to hire out professional moving help).

Backed away from my MLM business right now, my job search and this course are “so critical” to me in my life right now.  I read this in a devotional I am doing on YouVersion (A Bible App) from a devotional called New Rivers New Roads (based on a scripture in the Bible (Isaiah 43:15-19) and it unravels the insight (revelation knowledge) of God and our faith into seeing that scripture as “a reality” for our hearts and lives as God’s Children.  I felt it “tied in so well with the Master Keys” hinting at our future selves (our world’s Without becoming our World’s Within).

am the Lord, your Holy One, The Creator of Israel, your King.”

 Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters… Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.”

  1. I’ve Got This

Verse 15 says, “I am the Lord, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King.”

Before He made His promise, God declared His ultimate title – I AM. Immediately He followed that up with four others: Lord, Holy One, Creator and King.

He is your Lord. He is your Holy One, He is your Creator and He is your King. He is well able!

What do you believe Him for in the second half of this year? Can you see it in your heart and in your mind’s eye? God has got it. You can trust Him. Are you going to release your faith and take hold of His promises for your life?

(The Tie-Ins):

(The faith issue Mark talked about: according to your faith: it shall be done unto (for) you.  (Seeing it in your heart -Your Mind/Your Subby).  Take hold (knowledge alone is “not enough” (and doesn’t produce result) -but action and initiative (persistance) -taking hold of what I want for the future me: POA (Plan Of Action with Steps) to Get Me There! Home run for me on this cross-relational devotional in conjunction with the Master Key’s program.

Well, time for some down time and “back to it” again for some Master Key’s exercises.  Looking forward to my 1st “Tribe” Call this coming Thursday (with my recovery downtime enabling me to do so).

Aloha ‘All!


Week 14 -Slow Fade: Rebuild Week

Well, since my Week 12, was actually supposed to have been Week 13 blog (error on my part), and this is my current 14 Blog, it’s been a “Slow Fade” with MKE program since week 13.  Tonight was a “rebuilding night”, have my surgery (for hernia) on this Thursday (about 23 years since diagnosed with it), but no funds to take care of it.  Excited and nervous about the operation.  God worked it all out for getting it for free (except for the lost wages).  I am working the day before the operation (today: Wednesday) to obtain as much banked up money to live off of, in addition to my brother’s $1,200 to cover living expenses since I do temporary work (and it’s no work related).

Been overwhelmed with temporary work during the Christmas holiday party season banking up temporary work shifts to offset my recovery down time (up to 6 weeks) before heavy lifting with no permanet job benefits to cover operation recovery down time.  Looking to get serious job hunting time in during my recovery and obtain a permanent office administrative assistant job, and see things change in my work and financial situation. Maybe this is the way it’s (everything’s) supposed to happen because of the needed uninterrupted down time to job hunt (a manifested reality of my world within).

Enjoyed the Tower of Babel analogy and the focus in Week 14’s video, along with the Believing in ourselves (unwaivering belief) that we are “Indeed” -Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy!  We need to believe in our PPN’s and focus and know we are complete through a the “dream” the world within being self-filled in them giving way to the world without overflowing with love and goodness  freely flowing and influencing and affecting other’s around us for our greater purpose and greater good of my DMP, and not the confused: next big achievement misnomer for myself and my life.